Vintage Riggen HO Slot Car Parts

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NOS Original Riggen Industries parts for HO Slot Cars

The list of parts below are NOS and for restoration purposes only. Use these parts if your restore must be to original specs. Supplies are very limited, that is why the prices are high. Parts are usually from partial cards and in original packaging unless specified. Some quantities limited.

Riggen Industries Stock HO Racing Parts

HO-1 Aluminum Front Wheels 2 wheel, 2 O rings, and axle, four different styles: anodized, tapered, block press on, block set screw $6 -$12
HO-1a O Rings, vintage correct small diameter $2 pair (yes I know this is a crazy price but these are smallere than 010 and factory fresh NOS
HO-5 Rear Set Screw Wheels, 2 wheels, bonded sponge tires (black or Orange) $8 --I do not have the set screws to fit these
          but I am trying to find them!
HO-25 Hardened Steel Axles .0625, pair $4
HO-28 Set Screws 4 allen screws and wrench--these do not fit the HO-5, these are smaller $6
HO-30 Proper Crown and Pinion Gear $6
HO-50 Guide Flag and Retainer Cap w Wipers and Wire three styles: copper flags $12.95, copper stranded $16.95,steel braid $19.95
HO-53 Lead Wire Clips $4 pair
HO-60 Mabuchi Red Wire Armature motor $4.95
HO-75 Chassis and Shaker plate 2 styles early $20, later dropped motor $20--limited, check for availability...

If you do not require "collector" NOS parts but still want to restore your car to running condition, you can use RiggenHO reproduction parts. Please contact us for more details. website click here... reproduction restoration parts click here...

More info on Vintage/Collectible Riggen Industries here....

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